Guild Luncheons

Guild Luncheons are a great opportunity for members to learn about other organizations, events, and topics relevant to our community.  

Luncheons are the first Wednesday of each month and begin at noon.

Reservations are required (no-shows will be billed). RSVP must be made via on-line service. Emails will be sent out 2 weeks prior to luncheons to RSVP.  If you did not receive RSVP email, please contact our office for the link to RSVP for the next luncheon.


January 4th: Marriott Beachside,  3841 N Roosevelt Boulevard  

February 1st: Marriott Beachside,  3841 N Roosevelt Boulevard   

March 1st: Marriott Beachside,  3841 N Roosevelt Boulevard 

April 5th: Marriott Beachside,3841 N Roosevelt Boulevard  

May 3rd: Marriott Beachside,  3841 N Roosevelt Boulevard 

June 7th: Marriott Beachside,  3841 N Roosevelt Boulevard 

July 5th: Marriott Beachside,  3841 N Roosevelt Boulevard

August 2nd: Marriott Beachside, 3841 N Roosevelt Boulevard

September 6th: Key West Harbour

October 4th: Marriott Beachside 3841 N Roosevelt Boulevard 

November 1st: Marriott Beachside,  3841 N Roosevelt Boulevard 

December 6th: Annual Meeting & Awards Dinner – TBA


Luncheons are $30 for members.


Schedule subject to change.